Ball’s Falls YouTube video March 7th!

My 2nd Youtube video will be available at 3PM EST today (March 7th) Follow the link to see it when it goes live!

Hiking in Ball’s Falls Conservation Area near Jordan, Ontario. A great sunny day and hovering around freezing point so very little mud. A waterfall at either end of the path means double your waterfall fix.

Ball’s Falls is part of the Twenty Mile Creek and is protected by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. The land was once owned by the Ball Family who operated a set of mills powered by the water flow and began the development of the village of Glen Elgin. Sadly, it didn’t last due to railways and waterways that were more accessible in nearby towns and Glen Elgin all but dissolved in the late 1950’s.

The old Ball Family home still stands on the nearby heritage area along with a Grist Mill, a Lime Kiln, a Church, a Blacksmiths and other village buildings

An unexpected turn of events…

I was getting ready to dump some funds into my trip account and also pick up a new action cam this week to start putting together some better videos but I had a breakdown with my faithful truck. Sadly, that has left me with limited mobility and worse, it has left me with a very large bill for repairs. To that point, the repair cost was not worth it and I am looking into a new vehicle this week. Well, new to me anyway. Luckily, a new vehicle has been found and I am now waiting for it to be tested and registered. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have some new wheels and I can try to get the bill to fit in with my trip savings for Ireland and England this fall.

With every bump in life comes some unexpected good and bad. In this case I see it as a positive. I get to try out a new vehicle and learn all I can about it, I get some perspective on being able to overcome the unexpected in life and I get to continue doing what I love to do, getting out and having fun.

The replacement vehicle has lower mileage and a smaller engine so I will be saving on gas and that means longer road trips for less money. A blessing in disguise for my treks this summer!

Wish me luck, catch you out there and remember to do it Just For The Trek Of It!

To GoPro or just go ProAm?

Hey guys, I am looking into some future investments: I want to start producing more content that is engaging and fun. Pictures and stories are great but what really captivates the mind is video!

It’s the feeling of being there, being a part of the action and being engaged. I for one, spend a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube watching others show off their getaways, hikes, tutorials, and just plain silliness. I love seeing people in their natural element and showing us the full interaction instead of just a split second in time. The cliché goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” so what does that mean if the picture is passing at 30 frames per second?

I have been interested in a GoPro camera since my daughter was born, nearly 5 years ago but never really had a solid use case for it other than the occasional moment I wanted to capture with her but I assumed that I would be more likely to just have my phone nearby. To be honest, action sports and outdoor activities weren’t really in my vocabulary at that time either so buying a camera designed for these purposes wasn’t a very likely scenario. Things have obviously changed since then, I make it a priority now to be outside and go on a good walk, hike or road trip by-weekly at minimum so I will be out there and capturing more moments than ever before.

I am on a limited budget for something like this with my trip coming up in September, so I am looking into 3 options that I think fit the bill.

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Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – Lincoln, Ontario – Frog!

Another of my favourite local haunts! Ball’s Falls is just outside of Jordan Ontario, a small town west of St Catharines. It has a rock river bed that runs dry nearly every year in the summer and is an awesome hike! A few of the pictures below have been featured on google maps with thousands of views worldwide. I love this area in the fall, the whole town has a huge craft show with vendors from all over Canada and the US. Well worth the visit on thanksgiving weekend. They use nearly the entire main street, the local school ground and the fair grounds across the street! Check out Niagara Falls Tourism for details.

Short Hills Provincial Park – St Catharines, Ontario – Deer!

Short Hills Provincial Park – St Catharines, Ontario. This past summer I went for a hike to the Short Hills. Great waterfall (sadly it dries up in the hottest days, have to come a few days after the rain in spring to see it) Very awesome valley and if you get off the main trails and make your way through some brush, you can get right to the bottom of the falls and see some unexpected creatures. Take a look at the last pic, its a doe and her 2 fawns. Although blurry, that picture is not zoomed or cropped, I was about 20 yards from all of them for about 2 mins before she realised I was there and jumped away. Nothing will get your heart pumping like being that close to a wild animal and getting to live in the moment!

New blog!

Hello Guys, welcome to the new home for JustForTheTrekOfIt! I plan to start making some original content including pictures, videos, reviews, tips and lots of other things to keep you wanting more! I hope that I can get some interest going with a few pictures I took back in summer and early fall.