I decided to GoPro or GoHome

So a little while back, I was debating whether to get a GoPro or a competitor action cam. I decided to bite the bullet and get the GoPro and there are a number of reasons I did so, mainly ease of use and support. When I say support, I don't mean that I can call … Continue reading I decided to GoPro or GoHome

Less than a month to go before Ireland and England!

In just under 1 month, I will be in Ireland and then Northern England! To be honest, this will be my first trip outside of North America. I am excited and can't wait to see more of the world. I have been through a good portion of Eastern Canada from the North end of Ontario, … Continue reading Less than a month to go before Ireland and England!

Plans for Ireland

In September, I plan to spend 8 days in Ireland trying to soak up as much of the coast, green hills, lakes and it's major cities have to offer, starting in the Capital, Dublin. After landing in Dublin, I will be visiting the National Botanical Gardens to catch the flowers in the sunrise hours. Dublin … Continue reading Plans for Ireland

Ball’s Falls YouTube video March 7th!

My 2nd Youtube video will be available at 3PM EST today (March 7th) Follow the link to see it when it goes live! http://bit.ly/2kG4SNT Hiking in Ball's Falls Conservation Area near Jordan, Ontario. A great sunny day and hovering around freezing point so very little mud. A waterfall at either end of the path means … Continue reading Ball’s Falls YouTube video March 7th!

An unexpected turn of events…

I was getting ready to dump some funds into my trip account and also pick up a new action cam this week to start putting together some better videos but I had a breakdown with my faithful truck. Sadly, that has left me with limited mobility and worse, it has left me with a very … Continue reading An unexpected turn of events…

To GoPro or just go ProAm?

Hey guys, I am looking into some future investments: I want to start producing more content that is engaging and fun. Pictures and stories are great but what really captivates the mind is video! It's the feeling of being there, being a part of the action and being engaged. I for one, spend a ridiculous … Continue reading To GoPro or just go ProAm?

YouTube starts today!

I have been creating templates and logos and thumbnails etc for what seems like hours yesterday just to get this whole thing started but I think I'm happy with the result... My YouTube channel gets it's first video today at 2PM EST! I recorded a small bit of my hike at Spencer's Gorge in Dundas … Continue reading YouTube starts today!

Making plans for The Emerald Isle and The Old Country – Europe Bound!

So those of you that know me well enough have probably heard that I will be travelling in September 2017 to Europe. 2 Countries, 2 Weeks, and I can't wait! I was told a while back, by my best friend, that his wedding would be taking place in England and that he wanted me there … Continue reading Making plans for The Emerald Isle and The Old Country – Europe Bound!

Collection of Sunsets – Ontario

I'm a big fan of sunsets. What can I say, hopeless romantic maybe? This is my happy place, my area to reflect, spin down the day and just let out the energy. Anyone who has sat on a beach or lakeside and watched the sun go down over the horizon knows the feeling. The colours … Continue reading Collection of Sunsets – Ontario

Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – Lincoln, Ontario – Frog!

Another of my favourite local haunts! Ball's Falls is just outside of Jordan Ontario, a small town west of St Catharines. It has a rock river bed that runs dry nearly every year in the summer and is an awesome hike! A few of the pictures below have been featured on google maps with thousands … Continue reading Ball’s Falls Conservation Area – Lincoln, Ontario – Frog!