About Me

Why get out and do something different and adventurous? Just for the Trek of it!

My name is Paul and I want to share my love for getting out and experiencing the world! Once a shut-in, I got out and discovered just how much the world really has to offer and since then, I have wanted to share it with friends, family and the world. From walking through a local town, hiking in the woods and travelling near and far, I want to experience it all and take you along with me!

I work a pretty standard 9 to 5 job, but in my off time I love to explore. I started documenting my adventures and decided it was time to share them. I hope that I can show people things that they may not have seen or remind them of times gone by where social media wasn’t the only perspective on everything around you.

Exploring the world has not only enriched my life, it probably saved it. It took a few major events in my life to get out and do this, but when I started I was over 320lbs, had no drive or energy, I was a gamer, Netflix binger and social media junkie and just stayed home everyday after work. After taking a few steps in the right direction, I changed… I have since lost 90lbs and counting, I have a new energy and passion that drives me forward, a bucket list that is always growing, a map that is collecting more pins, a backpack with gear, and a willingness to open my eyes to the scenery that most ignore.

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey and enjoy the ride, comment and share with your own experiences, get some tips and reviews on gear and destinations, and be inspired to start your own exploration of the places you never thought were within reach.

Why? Just for the Trek of it!