An unexpected turn of events…

I was getting ready to dump some funds into my trip account and also pick up a new action cam this week to start putting together some better videos but I had a breakdown with my faithful truck. Sadly, that has left me with limited mobility and worse, it has left me with a very large bill for repairs. To that point, the repair cost was not worth it and I am looking into a new vehicle this week. Well, new to me anyway. Luckily, a new vehicle has been found and I am now waiting for it to be tested and registered. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have some new wheels and I can try to get the bill to fit in with my trip savings for Ireland and England this fall.

With every bump in life comes some unexpected good and bad. In this case I see it as a positive. I get to try out a new vehicle and learn all I can about it, I get some perspective on being able to overcome the unexpected in life and I get to continue doing what I love to do, getting out and having fun.

The replacement vehicle has lower mileage and a smaller engine so I will be saving on gas and that means longer road trips for less money. A blessing in disguise for my treks this summer!

Wish me luck, catch you out there and remember to do it Just For The Trek Of It!


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