YouTube starts today!

I have been creating templates and logos and thumbnails etc for what seems like hours yesterday just to get this whole thing started but I think I’m happy with the result…

My YouTube channel gets it’s first video today at 2PM EST!

I recorded a small bit of my hike at Spencer’s Gorge in Dundas Ontario and took some pictures and wanted to share.

I have a video or 2 uploaded on other channels from years ago just to show some of the other things I was into at the time but those were just to have a place to share a quick video for friends or family. This is going to be a big push for me to get out and do this more often to be able to provide content on a semi regular basis.

I hope to start posting at least one video every 2 weeks as that is basically my limit of free time to get out on my days off and explore. As I get more equipment or ideas to talk about things related to my treks, I might increase the frequency, but for now this gives me enough time to get out there, make a video, edit and post it.

I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and have a look for yourselves and leave me a critique. I know it’s going to be bumpy at first (and noisy as I don’t have a pro camera and mic setup yet) but I hope that I can make things better over time and offer you guys a glimpse of my love for the outdoors and travels!

Tews Falls and Dundas Peak


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