Making plans for The Emerald Isle and The Old Country – Europe Bound!

So those of you that know me well enough have probably heard that I will be travelling in September 2017 to Europe. 2 Countries, 2 Weeks, and I can’t wait!

I was told a while back, by my best friend, that his wedding would be taking place in England and that he wanted me there to be a part of it. How could I possibly refuse? I have never been outside of North America but I have always wanted to travel far and wide and this was my final kick out the door.

This was months ago now and things have evolved at a really fast pace: Sadly, due to legal permits etc, the wedding will no longer be in England but they are still going for the pre-honeymoon and family time in the Old Country and I will be meeting up with them for the second leg of what turned into my 2 week trip.

After finding out that their wedding would be here in Canada after their return, I decided I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to hop across the pond and travel anyway, and schedules have aligned for me to meet with them after my first week in Ireland to get together for pints and sights.

So far my plans have been shaping up to be a very busy trip: Making my way from Dublin to Glendalough, Cork,  Limerick and Galway for the first 8 or 9 days and then spending the rest of my trip in the gorgeous Lake District in north western England. I plan on taking in as much of the natural and cultural beauty these two ancient lands have to offer.

I think that I’m most looking forward to the smaller towns and countryside that I will see and experience. The old architecture of the houses and cathedrals built centuries before Canada was even a colony. The cities that have stood for millennia. the woods and lakes that have sheltered, fed and watered generations of foot travellers.

This trip is going to span hikes in nature to downtown cores and everything in between. I have my passport ready, time off booked and a spark that is pushing me to get everything organised to take the trip of a lifetime!



2 thoughts on “Making plans for The Emerald Isle and The Old Country – Europe Bound!

  1. You will love it! Ireland is wonderful ( I wrote about Dublin and Glendalough in case you are interested) and the Lake District in northern England is enchanting. You will have so much fun! Safe travels.


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